About Us

Parallel Computer Systems was founded in 1995, and specialises in producing middle-ware to support the production of distributed and parallel applications.

The main work of the company has been in the production of a high performance clone of the popular distributed communications system, PVM. We have made various extensions to this system to meet the needs of our clients. We have also provided consultancy and assistance in the development, maintenance and performance analysis of real world parallel applications.

Over the last year we have been contracted to carry out the major part of the testing and evaluation on a large European multi-partner project to develop a Windows based parallel computing development environment - WINPAR.

We have been involved in numerous small development projects, such as :

Simple windows test display system
License manager
Remote task spawner
File transfer system
Proprietary application interfacing
Simple development tools
We have also provided consultancy in various areas, including :
Specifying and purchasing specialist hardware and software
Operating system installation
Application porting
Software engineering seminars to MSc an PhD students